Usually, people think library is the best place to study because it is very silent, also it has air conditioner. Now there is a restaurant which can supply you a good place to study. The owner offers free hut for students. This hut has air conditioner in it. The most unbelievable thing is that you can get free drink anytime! This restaurant is located at a very beautiful place, so if you are tried, you can see the beautiful view as a rest, and breathe bracing air. The reporter asked the owner the reason why to supply his restaurant for students. He said that because he grew up from a very poor environment. When he was a student, his parent did not have enough money. So he had to do a part-time job. He was very in pained and regret. He does not want another people have same feeling now. That is why he supplies this place.
I think this owner is a very good and has a very kindhearted. Even some people has same feeling, however, they do not help another. I could not study in library before because I do not like too silent, I need some noise and some view too see. In library the only things it has are books. It makes me bored. Also, I could not drink there too.
However, now I can study in library. I want to go that restaurant to study and drink for free if I am in Taiwan. I hope there is a same restaurant in Kochi, then I can go it everyday.


Taiwanese tattoo specialist 陳政雄 got the best tattoo prize in New York award held on 5.17. His work of art is an ukiyoe.
陳政雄 have learned how to tattoo sine he was 17 years old. At that time, it is bad for people to have a tattoo, he had to learn as a secret or his parent would be angry. He is 45 years old now, and has been this job for 28 years. This is his second prize; he got his first prize in gemmy in 2005.
I want to get a very cool tattoo on my back. But my mother said if I want to live in Japan, it is not good for me. After having a tattoo, I can not go to the hot spring or take a sauna. It will be very inconvenience. If I want a tattoo, I think I have to live in abroad.
Usually, university student graduate when they are 23 or 24. However, there is a graduated student looked different from others, because he is 84 years old!! He is older than his teacher and the oldest student in Taiwan. Moreover, He is going to study in master course.
I was very surprised when I read this article because I cannot believe an aged person can study until that old. It must be difficult for them to study. My mother always says that she can not use computer because she is too old to learn and remember how to use it. But I can tell her that even people got old, they can study and remember as young people.
I will study harder then the 84 year old student because I feel ashamed. I am younger than him but I do nothing. It is time to think about my life.


Posted on: June 7, 2009

A P.E. teacher 駱明瑤 who found that poultice can help people lose weight. However, specialists disagreed this point. They think it will only bring allergy.
She said if you hang poultices moving in a spiral on your stomach, it has diet effect. A student has tried it for two years, his weight down from 82kg to 78kg. But it is very uncomfortable to hang poultices on stomach. In the other hand, doctors expressed that it is probably not has diet effect without exercise.
I want to lose my weight with easy way. But I don’t want to use this manner. I believe that my stomach must to be itch. If there is a easy way to diet, it will be perfect. For example, I can eat everything I want to eat without exercise, and lose weight simply. Actually I know it is impossible. Diet is by sheer dint of effort.

I watched a movie this Friday. It is called PRIDE & PREJUDICE. It is a novel written in 18 century. When I was 12 years old, I read this book; it was very boring for me because it was too difficult to understand. After watching the film, I want to read it again now.
Through watching this movie, it helps me to know about the period background. At that time, woman did not have property rights. They must get marry or they would lose all of their money. So find a husband is very important for them. In this story the Bennet work at it very hard. The views in this movie are very beautiful and peaceful. Also, I like the music too.
I know “PREJUDICE” is a grim thing, even you don’t know something very well, if you have a prejudice about it, you might dislike it. In real life, I have a lot of that kind of experience. Now I am trying not to have a prejudice about something I don’t know very well. It is hard to control.
Anyway, it is a very good movie. All actor and actress played the roles very well. Now, I want to watch another movie called “Atonement”. I will watch it if I have time next week.


Posted on: June 6, 2009

When a boy was walking his dog, a car came suddenly and hit his dog then it die. He was very sad. He went to police office. However a police man said that the boy could not because he was not over 18 years old. Because of the police man’s statement. This boy and his mother were very angry. The superintendent said: it was a misunderstanding. That police man meant that minor can not without a curator.
When I heard this, I think this is very funny, strange story. I can understand how the boy feels because I have a dog too. I can not image this kind of accident happen to my dog. It is really terrible for me. I thought everyone can go to police office and the police man will be good at me, I was wrong, the police man might be very cold just like this case.
Recently, I often see cats were hit on the way to home. It made me feel very bad. I hope every driver can drive careful so that cats wont die.


Posted on: June 6, 2009

Even a student got the highest score of high school entering school in Taidong in Taiwan can go to the best high school. He rejected it and to go to normal school.
He never goes to cram school, and he is not a grind. Thanks to his mother, he can ease to study and can get the highest score. He is from a fatherless family. So his mother has worked in a laundry since he was a boy. Now, her hands turned soft to horny. He said that when the day his mother hands became powerless, he would take his mother’ hand.
This story is really moved. It made me want to cry. I think that he is dutiful to his parent. If I were him, I will go to the best school without my mother. I was from fatherless family. my mother had to wake up early to work because of me. Her hands also turned soft to horny. Actually, I can not image that life without my mother. It will be very scared!!

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  • tokio1232001: 劉 and 留 have same pronunciation but the words have different meaning.
  • tokio1232001: Uncommon family name can help people remember easily. It is not so bad I think. My name is too common.
  • tokio1232001: There is no impossible things if we do our best!! Let's try hard to get good garde at Epic class!!